Peter Huijing

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Peter Huijing

Bluesgitaar (Fender) + elektrisch versterkt akoestisch (staal en nylon).

Peter started taking piano lessons when he was eight, got bored and bought a guitar. Several years later he hit the Stratocaster with Bluesband Dead Trail and was invited to play with well known Amsterdam popband ZEN, performing throughout the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. A modest hitsingle with Garreth John & The Operators helped Peter join funkband Blackout, featuring Jerry Turner, Gert-Jan Eijlers, Peter Huijing , Leo Low and Arno van Nieuwenhuize. On sixties icon Johnny Lion's (Sophietje) comeback album Peter played the guitars and joined Jay and the Americans' revival with hit records Cara Mia and Come A Little Bit Closer, resulting in live shows on Dutch tv. Mid eighties Peter’s guitar rose to great heights with Testa Rossa, who he played with @the Grote Prijs van Nederland Paradiso Amsterdam, followed by a European tour, VARA’s popkrant and recording with Jan Schuurman, iconic sound engineer. Professional session gitarist at EMI, Wisseloord, Arnold Mühren Studio, Stable Studio Arnhem and composing stock music for Peer Southern Holland Music. In the 90’s @The Peter Holland Trio toured with Jesus Sancho and Inaki Martin, musicians from the @Sevilla Symphony Orquestra. ‘Pimienta' became a successful avantgarde live impro. Next Peter formed his own Black Tulip, with Luis Castillo (Cuba), Carburo (Cuba) and Luis Lorenzo (Spain). 2019 album release Traqmen with art songs like The Dream with old mate John Deeh In 2017 bluesband Dead Trail revival and still playing, followed by a new challenge in 2018 LucyDijkmanTrio and the solo album Hop On.

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